The One You Are Looking For Is YOU

The One You Are Looking For Is YOU

The One You Are Looking For Is YOU

The One You Are Looking For Is YOU

About Me And My Jewelry

As an artistic soul I experimented with different arts and crafts and found my passion in jewellery design.

Note To Our Dear Customers

Since every piece is handcrafted and unique, they may not be identical to the pictures shown in the online shop (colours and shapes may slightly vary). The cosmetic differences are not concidered as defects, but part of the personality of each individual.

Ring size is an approximation after viewing the ring on the ring sizer. 

We recommend to take off your jewelry while bathing, swimming or using the hand sanitizer! Especially the gold plated pieces will start wearing off the coating if not treated with extra care. Keep gold plated jewelry from tarnishing by storing them right. When not in use, it's recommended to keep them in a sealed plastic bag or in a proper jewelry box.

The eyes are made of solid glass and can take pretty normal usage, but please keep in mind that by knocking the eye into a hard surface may cause a break. The eyes are not replaceable nor cannot be repaired, so please wear with love and care. 


We ship each order within 1-2 business days.

Shipping internationally means that you may be required to pay customs and import taxes. All international customers are responsible for the customs rates within their own country. The Label is Juicy is legally required to declare the full value paid on international shipments and must include an invoice for customs should they require it.

For further information, we recommend contacting your local customs office.